The Perch Tree Story



In a life-changing year, I went from traveling the world with my partner and enjoying a successful career to attending his funeral and finding myself unemployed. Paralyzed with fear and grief, I started over. I began rebuilding my life on my terms and hoped to inspire other women to do the same. I was fortunate to continue traveling to seek inspiration.  

While on this transforming journey I had the opportunity to travel to Latin America where inspiration came for an amazing solution to an everyday dilemma women face. As a result, I wanted to raise the standard of how women are valued in public. Women make or influence 80% of all consumer decisions. That’s a lot of value! 

A Dilemma


I’ve traveled all around the world, dined in many restaurants, stayed in many hotels & resorts, and relaxed at many salons and spas. No matter where I go, I’ve always had to put my purse on the floor. Women in Latin America would never put their bags on the floor where they collect germs & bacteria.

They know their value.

Perch Tree bag stands were designed to create more space for ladies, business men, and shoppers, to enjoy themselves while having easy access to their valuables. Patrons can have a more high-class experience that makes them feel respected and valued. 

A portion of all sales goes to local women's charities.